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But What Does the Art Historian Have to Say?

As much as I enjoy interviewing artists, I think I enjoy more reading what art historians have to say. I don’t believe this reflects the popularly perceived rivalry between artist and art historian. As an art historian myself, I learn so much more from many artists than I do from other art historians. But the [...]

Shepard Fairey Gets Two Years’ Probation and $25,000 Fine

I wonder if we could get a local artist to create large wheat paste stamps and tag all of these murals around Cincinnati with “$25,000 Fine.”

Why? Because in Cincinnati, it’s all art.

I really cannot remember the last time I visited a local gallery or museum here in Cincinnati. I keep saying I will, but instead I drive right by the art museum in Eden Park and head straight to the pool in Mt. Adams. I’ve tried to tell myself, “it’s summer, I’ll wait for the new [...]

The Creative Class-less

In a telling shift most of us have seen happening in the art world, the NY Times is currently featuring stories revealing the co-opting of “creative” by the business sector. In Art, Freedom of Expression Doesn’t Extend to ‘Is It Real?’ reports on the current refusal of scholarly expertise in authenticating works of art. Scholars [...]

What is the “ripple” of a sales tax to save Cincinnati Arts and Culture?

I’ve always been an advocate for honest local support of our arts and culture. Further, I believe the city’s investment in the our cultural institutions can only be achieved through a sales tax. So I am please to see this conversation taking place here in Cincinnati. The nearly exhausted and always exhausting claim that art [...]

WTF! ArtsWave Awards Shepard Fairey: Cincinnati Official Laughing Stock in the Art World

There is nothing….absolutely nothing left in this city of Cincinnati to surprise me. While the rest of the world watches Shephard Fairey as he faces prison time for tampering with evidence and lying about stealing the work of another artist, Cincinnati’s art world will award him with a prize for “outstanding achievements in the arts.” [...]

Shepard Fairey Faces Prison while Cincinnati Still Faces His Murals

Back in April of 2009, I asked if the Contemporary Art Center was on the wrong side of art by promoting Shepard Fairey throughout Greater Cincinnati and choosing to neglect his problems of “lifting” other’s work. Now it is being reported that Shepard Fairey, the Los Angeles artist who created the “Hope” poster for Barack [...]

More Shifting at the Dayton Art Institute

More administrative movement at the Dayton Art Institute seems to reflect what I feared is a shift in its mission. The DAI chief curator, Dr. Will South has been named chief curator at the Columbia Museum of Art in South Carolina. “It is exciting to join the Columbia Museum of Art where innovation and outreach [...]

Artists and the Economy – Postcard Protest to the White House

Los Angeles art critic, founder of Coagular Art Journal and Huffington Post contributor, Mat Gleason said, “I want to curate a show of artists with 50 grand or more of student loan debt that they are behind in paying. Oh wait, there is not a gallery big enough for this exhibit…” As you may imagine, [...]

Toledo Museum of Art Exhibits NW Ohio Regional Artists

The Toledo Museum of Art has announced that work by 65 artists will be seen in the 93rd annual Toledo Area Artists Exhibition later this summer. The juried show, which offers an eclectic mix of works in a variety of media, is organized by the Museum with support from the Ohio Arts Council. This year’s [...]