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The Talk on the Street (Part 2)

My recent visit to the Columbus Museum of Art left me with with such a positive impression of how well a museum recognizes the importance of a local artist in the community. For years, the museum has formally recognized and exhibited the work of Aminah Robinson. Street Talk is the most recent exhibition of her [...]

Future of the City: Art Symposium at the University of Chicago

The University of Chicago and the National Endowment of the Arts present a discussion of the role of the arts towards a successful cultural global city. The 24 panelists who spoke in five sessions at the Chicago Cultural Center represented numerous facets of the arts world, and included performers, architects, visual artists, urban designers, institutional [...]

Packing in a Museum?

With Kasich’s signature, you will be able to carry guns in Ohio museums. “The change would apply to facilities with Class D liquor licenses, which allow for on-premise alcohol consumption. That category includes restaurants, bars, sports stadiums, nightclubs, shopping malls and museums. University sports venues apparently would not be affected because properties owned or leased [...]

Cincinnati Uptight? Who really Says This?

I’ll tell you who….just about every art and performance promoter in Cincinnati! Here is the latest on the Fringe Festival. Rick Pender does an okay job of describing the Festival’s success. But why the hell does he feel the need to preface his summation with this notion of an “uptight” Cincinnati? I’ve never ever read [...]

Packaging the Present Without the Past?

While I’m perfectly happy to avoid the crowds that swarm blockbuster exhibitions, I do enjoy an opportunity to get a preview. In fact, I think this is perhaps the only way to appreciate such a show. The openings are much too chaotic for me to enjoy. Blockbuster exhibition openings are not for seeing the art, [...]

It’s Not a Wave, It’s a Conversation

When I launched the Cincinnati Art Snob blog in 2008, it was an attempt to open up honest communication about the arts throughout Greater Cincinnati and elsewhere. Since moving to Cincinnati a few years before, I was excited about the enthusiasm for the arts in Cincinnati and wanted to be a part of it. However, [...]

Would Requiring Contemporary Art Museums to Collect Art Improve Our Support for Artists?

Since last week’s symposium, Nam June Paik and the Conservation of Video Sculpture, I’ve spent a bit of time thinking about how we in Cincinnati consider contemporary art. While the city prides itself on being home to a “vibrant arts community,” I’ve argued against what I see instead as a vibrant arts marketing community, where [...]

ArtsWave Sampler Over? There is Still So Much Art to See.

As ArtsWave ends the last of its 6 Sampler Weekends of performances, exhibitions, and entertainment (sic), keep in mind the arts in Greater Cincinnati are still alive throughout the rest of the year. And most of it is much more accessible than AtsWave may have you believe. Sure, these last few months have provided a [...]

Cinci-Mix, Nam June Paik

A Conversation on Conservation

Just before the Nam June Paik and Conservation of Video Sculpture Symposium and Exhibition at UC DAAP, Art Daily reported on the Paik estate’s criticism of many of the scholars, who agreed to participate in the 2-day symposium focusing on questions about conservation and preservation of video art. Mr. Ken Hakuta, the executor of the [...]

The ArtsWave Impact Flip

City Beat’s Jane Durrell presents the recent repackaging of the Fine Arts Fund into ArtsWave. In the middle of their capital campaign, the City Beat story provides a short history of the organization and the impetus for its recent rebranding. Their new broader mission to financially support more and larger institutions outside of Cincinnati, a [...]