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A New Advocacy

I began Cincinnati Art Snob with the interest in participating in the local, national and sometimes international conversations on art. The national art world was much more welcoming to me initially, but eventually Cincinnati’s art community allowed me to participate in reviews and interviews. Early blog pages reveal number of bitter battles, but in our [...]

Flowers, 2012  8 1/2 x 11

ArtWord: Lori Ellison

    “It is not important how the artists feel about their work while doing it, but how they think about it after it is finished.” — Lori Ellison     Lori Ellison is an artist and writer who lives in Brooklyn, NY. ┬áMuch of her work includes notebook paper drawings and gouache on panel [...]

Reclaiming the Snob

When I began blogging as the Cincinnati Art Snob in 2008, my motivation was to participate in Cincinnati’s local art conversation. I had taught art history for nearly 10 years, but teaching art’s history can be very different from engaging art today. It probably shouldn’t be. Contemporary art’s relevance to its time, I believe, rests [...]

Cincinnati Art Snob Tours on the Bucket List

Cincinnati Magazine names Cincinnati Art Snob tours in the top ten Summer Bucket List. At number 8, I join many of the other local tours as some of the best things to do in Cincinnati this summer. Being near the top of such a long list is certainly flattering. There is so much to do [...]

It’s Not a Wave, It’s a Conversation

When I launched the Cincinnati Art Snob blog in 2008, it was an attempt to open up honest communication about the arts throughout Greater Cincinnati and elsewhere. Since moving to Cincinnati a few years before, I was excited about the enthusiasm for the arts in Cincinnati and wanted to be a part of it. However, [...]

Welcome to the New Cincinnati Art Snob Blog

After a few years with Blogger, I’ve decided to move the blog over to WordPress. WordPress provides a template allowing me to better showcase certain features. I am particularly excited about the slide show featuring my Artist Interviews. My primary goal has always been to celebrate the arts and artists. The slide show allows me [...]

Cincinnati Art Snob Featured Art Tours

Cincinnati Art Snob will now make available a selection of featured tours. Unlike the tour series, these tours are generally a single-venue events lasting 2 hours or less. Of course you are welcome to pair them up to create your own tour series package. You can make reservations right now for either The Art of [...]

New Art Tour Packages at Cincinnati Art Snob

With the new year I’ve included a list of art tour packages I will offer throughout the year. While I am still happy to custom design tours to your particular interest, these packages are ready and available to reserve for your group immediately. Tour descriptions are here. Cincinnati Art Snob will also feature specially designed [...]

Find Your Center: A Link to Your Arts Community and Others

Since inviting you to consider directly supporting the arts in Greater Cincinnati, my friend Shannan Boyer from the Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center pointed me to Find Your Center Now. This is a directory of the neighborhood arts centers throughout the area. I’ve included most of these to my links banner above, but expect [...]

Support Local Artists and Arts Organizations for a Happy New Year

My regular readers know I am an advocate for direct support of our artists and art organizations. As you rush to finish your holiday shopping, remember museum stores, concert tickets, and memberships to specific art organizations or neighborhood art centers are great gifts. If you are a parent like me, once the holidays are over, [...]