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Living History of the Dead Sea Scrolls

The Dead Sea Scrolls:  Life and Faith in Ancient Times at the Cincinnati Museum Center, opening today, presents hugely important and intertwining histories everyone should see and know. Since visiting the exhibition, I’m reminded again of the relevance of our shared human histories to our lives today. As with many of the visiting exhibitions to [...]


Looking Different

Last night I got a chance to see the new photo exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center, Positive Exposure: The Spirit of Difference. The show presents the wonderfully compassionate and endearing work by former fashion photographer Rick Guidotti. Through photographs and video, Guidotti works to promote human dignity of individuals, particularly children, with genetic conditions. [...]


The Talk on the Street (Part 2)

My recent visit to the Columbus Museum of Art left me with with such a positive impression of how well a museum recognizes the importance of a local artist in the community. For years, the museum has formally recognized and exhibited the work of Aminah Robinson. Street Talk is the most recent exhibition of her [...]


The Talk on the Street (Part 1)

The work of Aminah Robinson presents the heart of a neighborhood community by tapping into her memory of life in its history. For more than sixty years, Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson (born 1940) has been documenting the Columbus near Eastside neighborhood where she grew up. She captures the lively “street talk” of the community by [...]

Lunar Work by the Rowland Augur Team

Nightclub Art?

I’d heard of Lunar, the new concept nightclub in downtown Cincinnati and rumors of its link to the local arts. Though I expected little chance I would visit. Not because I’m a “snob,” but because I stopped “clubbing” years ago. Though when Kim Sheridan contacted me about seeing the space and meeting with local artist [...]

Cincinnati Uptight? Who really Says This?

I’ll tell you who….just about every art and performance promoter in Cincinnati! Here is the latest on the Fringe Festival. Rick Pender does an okay job of describing the Festival’s success. But why the hell does he feel the need to preface his summation with this notion of an “uptight” Cincinnati? I’ve never ever read [...]

Being in the Company of Angels

In Company of Angels at the Taft Museum of Art provides a wonderful opportunity to revisit the relatively recent history of Cincinnati’s liturgical arts. The 7 stained glass windows on display were originally commissioned for the Swedenborgian Church of the New Jerusalem on the corner of Oak Street and Winslow Avenue in Cincinnati and installed [...]

NURFC “Resistance” Exhibition Programming

Last month I reviewed the Freedom Center’s Let Your Motto Be Resistance. My review expressed some concern over the exhibition’s lack of any definitive notion of resistance and what it really looks like. Instead, the photos look more to me as glamor shots of those who successfully resisted against racism. As such, I suggested the [...]

Cincinnati’s Contemporary Figurative Artists

The Weston Art Gallery is now showing Narrative Figuration, which features five of the city’s premier realists: Robert Anderson, Daniel O’Connor, Tim Parsley, Emil Robinson, and Tina Tammaro. These are easily some of my favorite local artists. Jackie Demaline’s recent profile of Emil Robinson presents how influential they are to each other. I had the [...]

New Images of Resistance Reveal Contemporary Resignation

Let Your Motto Be Resistance is an exhibition of 68 photographs from the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, which opened Friday at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. This inaugural exhibition of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture is the first ever collaboration between the Freedom Center and the Smithsonian. The title [...]