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David Hockney’s Fake Diploma To be Auctioned

David Hockney’s fake diploma is expected to sell for up to $27,000. I always thought it would be cool to commission an artist to take my art history degrees from the University of Kansas and the University of Chicago as mediums for a sculpture. In fact, I’ve refused to frame and hang my degrees because [...]

But What Does the Art Historian Have to Say?

As much as I enjoy interviewing artists, I think I enjoy more reading what art historians have to say. I don’t believe this reflects the popularly perceived rivalry between artist and art historian. As an art historian myself, I learn so much more from many artists than I do from other art historians. But the [...]


Clifton Cultural Arts Center at Sunset

The Clifton Cultural Arts Center is opening a new series of events called Sunsets at the Center. This series celebrates the arts in Cincinnati, including music, literary, visual, and culinary arts. Check out the series on their website. These may be the best tickets to an artful autumn.

Shepard Fairey Gets Two Years’ Probation and $25,000 Fine

I wonder if we could get a local artist to create large wheat paste stamps and tag all of these murals around Cincinnati with “$25,000 Fine.”

Akron Art Museum Director to Step Down and New Chief Curator to Start August 20, 2012

After 26 years as director, with one of the longest tenures of any art museum leader in the country, Dr. Mitchell D. Kahan announced to the Akron Art Museum’s Board of Trustees that he will leave January 2, 2013 and assume the title of Director Emeritus. In addition, Janice Driesbach will join the staff on [...]

Cincinnati Offers Seven Fellowships of up to $6,000 Each

Starting June 26, 2012, the City has been accepting applications from individual artists who work professionally in art disciplines, including but not limited to dance, music, theatre & visual arts, poetry/fiction writing, interdisciplinary/performance art, and media arts. The applicant must be a City of Cincinnati resident during the entire duration of the program, July 1, [...]

What is the “ripple” of a sales tax to save Cincinnati Arts and Culture?

I’ve always been an advocate for honest local support of our arts and culture. Further, I believe the city’s investment in the our cultural institutions can only be achieved through a sales tax. So I am please to see this conversation taking place here in Cincinnati. The nearly exhausted and always exhausting claim that art [...]

WTF! ArtsWave Awards Shepard Fairey: Cincinnati Official Laughing Stock in the Art World

There is nothing….absolutely nothing left in this city of Cincinnati to surprise me. While the rest of the world watches Shephard Fairey as he faces prison time for tampering with evidence and lying about stealing the work of another artist, Cincinnati’s art world will award him with a prize for “outstanding achievements in the arts.” [...]


A New Home for the Holidays

The impetus for moving the Duke Holiday Trains is the preservation of a local tradition. Finding qualified volunteers and hiring people to manage and maintain the trains became a challenge each year. Further, many model train enthusiasts would agree dismantling the trains annually makes them vulnerable to wear and tear. As a preserver of history [...]


Summerfair Cincinnati Looking for Judges

Summerfair Cincinnati is preparing to start the process of reading their 2011 AIA awards applications and need some HELP! They’re looking for 3 Judges to assist in the reviews of the applications. The potential judges must have: 1. art degree and/or active art background (can be art ed., gallery, museum) 2. Live 40 Miles outside [...]