A New Advocacy

I began Cincinnati Art Snob with the interest in participating in the local, national and sometimes international conversations on art. The national art world was much more welcoming to me initially, but eventually Cincinnati’s art community allowed me to participate in reviews and interviews. Early blog pages reveal number of bitter battles, but in our local galleries everyone was very friendly to me.

I am most proud of my artists’ interviews. I will always treasure those conversations. So much I enjoyed spending time with artists and their work, that I’ve held out closing out this work in the hope for interviews I never got a chance to do. But failing to really engage the arts in the past year would make any interview I would do now, weak and sloppy.

In this past year, I remembered that my own scholarship in art history was housed in social justice as I focused on Critical Race Theory and Latino Identity Theory. While these conversations along with Feminist Theory and Queer Theory continue strongly in academic circles, their place outside seem to be in spaces of practice.

This space to do my work then is with Women Helping Women.

I still love and care for the arts so I won’t disappear completely. I will continue to offer my tours of art museums and galleries locally, though I don’t plan to actively market them, And I expect I will continue to post and comment on the arts periodically. ┬áBut my work now will be to advocate for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence.

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