Cincinnati Uptight? Who really Says This?

I’ll tell you who….just about every art and performance promoter in Cincinnati!

Here is the latest on the Fringe Festival. Rick Pender does an okay job of describing the Festival’s success. But why the hell does he feel the need to preface his summation with this notion of an “uptight” Cincinnati? I’ve never ever read this description of Cincinnati anywhere except here in the city.

No one outside of Cincinnati thinks the city is uptight, old, behind the times, etc. This is simply a poor writer’s strategy for finding a point to make.

To City Beat and all local arts and cultural editors, I challenge you to edit out this tired premise to all stories in the coming season. Force your writers to find something new to say.

By the way, Congratulations to another successful Fringe Festival

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One Response to “Cincinnati Uptight? Who really Says This?”

  1. visualingual says:

    If “uptight” is taken to mean “conservative” or, as you mentioned, “behind the times” [as opposed to, say, "neurotic"], then I have to say that this is by far the prevailing perception of Cincinnati by outsiders. Some of that may be based on knowledge of the Mapplethorpe or Flynt situations, or it may simply be a generic perception of small cities in the Midwest and the fact that Cincinnati does little on a regional, national, or international stage to prove otherwise. I agree that this seems like lazy journalism that probably just furthers the stereotype, but it’s not unjustified.

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