Miami University declares 2011-2012 the “Year of the Arts”


On August 19th President David Hodge will officially declare this academic year the “Year of the Arts” at Miami University. This will be an opportunity for the arts to take center stage on the Ohio campuses, and to have not only artists, performers, and designers in the spotlight throughout the year, but also to have the leaders of the university announcing and expressing the importance of the arts in education and in society. There will be banners all over campus announcing the Year of the Arts, and definition posters have been created that ask the question: “How do the Arts Change You?” The posters have a link to a new Year of the Arts website, and they hope to collect and post responses on the site.

As for special Year of the Arts events, Friday, September 23, from 1-2 p.m. for the Gala Opening of the $2 million Phillips Art Center. President Hodge and Provost Gempesaw will be on hand to talk about the Year of the Arts and to help us celebrate the opening, followed by a reception.

Some key points for the “Year of the Arts;”
1. The Presidential declaration of the Year of the Arts is intended to spotlight the University’s numerous performances, exhibits, and scholarship in the arts at Miami, but to also channel expanded awareness of the arts and its importance to education and to society.
2. The Year of the Arts is a celebration highlighting and honoring the long history, present dynamism and exciting future for the arts at Miami University and surrounding communities.
3. The Year of the Arts will communicate the immense diversity of arts on and around the Oxford, Hamilton, and Middletown, Ohio campuses and invite participation and reflection intended to increase support for the arts.
4. Special events in 2011-2012 that spotlight the arts at Miami include: The grand opening of the Phillips Arts Center, the nationally televised performance by the Miami University Marching Band in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade (the MUMB is the ONLY college band performing), and a new Distinguished Artist Award event that will honor a distinguished member of the alumni from each department in the School of Fine Arts for a residency and to receive a citation and award from the SFA and Miami. A complete list of events has been prepared for release, and new events will be added as needed.

One of the first special events happening in the Year of the Arts is a Collage Concert on August 27 at 7.p.m. in Gates-Abbeglen, featuring a collaboration of music, art, and theatre, and dance, organized by Harvey Thurmer.

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