Why? Because in Cincinnati, it’s all art.

I really cannot remember the last time I visited a local gallery or museum here in Cincinnati. I keep saying I will, but instead I drive right by the art museum in Eden Park and head straight to the pool in Mt. Adams. I’ve tried to tell myself, “it’s summer, I’ll wait for the new season to start.” But I know my lack of interest rests on the success of the gatekeepers of the city’s local art scene to call everything art: hula hoopers, jugglers, fire eaters are now grouped with musicians, ballet dancers, and painters. And to maintain the city’s aging art theme, the venue is the street.

Art on the Street

I think this push to engage as many people a possible in the arts is meant to encourage people to visit traditional art venues and ultimately support (with $$) our art institutions.  I’m not sure how well it works.  The message instead seems to be, “art is everywhere” so you really don’t have to visit an art museum or gallery.  Perhaps that’s why I’ve not visited the museum in a long time.  I got the message.

Cincinnati’s art world has become a circus so I’m hanging out at the pool.

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